Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th!

Happy 4th of July Cupcakes
Happy 4th of July!! 
Have a good one! 
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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Happy July 1st from Oh Strumpets!

Hey gang! 
We wish you a happy summer and a wonderful July 1st! 

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Starbucks DiY

I have a LOVE for Starbucks coffee, but it gets pricey, they get your order wrong ALOT, etc.
I was talking about this on Instagram one day and my sweet friend Britni (@waldoloves) told me how to make my own at home! And it is actually delicious!! 
DiY Starbucks Cold
Here's what you'll need:
Via Starbucks (caramel-my favorite) packets - about $6 for 5 or you can get a huge pack on Amazon
Almond Milk- I use Vanilla because it's the tastiest
Sugar- I don't use it because the caramel is pretty sweet already.
and ice! 
Britni suggested making them at night so they'll be extra cold and yummy in the morning and no wait! 
Now I use the Venti reusable cup from Starbucks and I put my Via packet in, and add a bit of water (to the first line-less than a 1/4 cup), then
 the almond milk to the top line (about a cup or a cup and a half), add ice and mix up! 
DiY Starbucks
I'm super pick about coffee, so trust me this is good! :) 
I was also thinking you could freeze the almond milk in an ice cube tray and then make your own 

Frappuccinos! Need to try this next!

Though no going to Starbucks means no posting hilarious or cute photos to People Of Starbux a pretty awesome site my friend runs! You should go check it out! 
Grab their widget!
Anyone else have any tasty summer time coffee drink recipes? I'd LOVE to hear them! 
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