Tuesday, March 6, 2012

600 Block Indie Market

Oh Strumpets at the 600 Block Indie Market
This weekend Oh Strumpets was at the first ever 600 Block Indie Market! With our special guest, Eli! The bracelet crocheting machine! ;) He did a wonderful job! He told everyone the day before and the day of that this was his FIRST craft show! Melt my heart! 
Come see Oh Strumpets on the 600 Block at the Indie Market in St. Pete!!
Olivia and I brought out a bunch of our Spring handmade goodies! 
We also got to meet the very sweet Jenny from Hello Sundae and her teeny tiny baby Trinket! So so happy to meet her IRL because we live so close and are instagram buds! 
My heart is melting into a million pieces!! Eli made his first sale!! Come by and buy one!! ❤
I have to say the highlight of the day was watching Eli sell his crocheted bracelets. The photo above is him and his first customer! She was so sweet! I'm so proud of him! 
I told him if he stuck with it, we would sell them on Oh Strumpets for him! What do you say? 
$2.50 for a bracelet including shipping (will ship overseas)! ;)
Pick your size and color (add it in the paypal notes)
these will be made to order and he's 7 haha so it may be a few days before they ship!
He's VERY excited about this ps!
Click on the paypal button below to get yours!
Bracelets Made By Eli

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misslarissabree said...

oh my word look at him sitting there!! this kid melts my heart

Velma said...

HOW CUTE! I love that you are encouraging his creativity!!!

Danielle ~ AstashAddict said...

if your willing to ship to UK i am well up for getting a couple :D

Claire said...

This is so sweet!
Eli is such a little cutie!!

Sparklegirl said...

Your booth looks great! The colours would attract me to your table instantly.

And those bracelets that Eli is making are so cute! What a sweet idea.

xo Jen