Saturday, February 4, 2012

Valentine's Shop Update!

Oh Blythe Valentine Cards
Remember how I said Olivia and I are currently obsessed with Blythe, well I was not kidding hahaha
Oh Strumpets Vintage Valentine DIY Garland Kit_Animals
Don't forget the Heart Tattoo Embroidery Kits!
Oh Strumpets Half Page Vintage Postcards
Want to let your buds and family know you care, but want something different from Target cards? 
Check out these super cute Vintage Valentine Postcards!

Want a handmade Valentines gift - you need our sweet, crocheted Valentine Boo Bears

Hope your weekend is very wonderful! 
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Grateful4Crochet said...

Bought one!!!

Sway said...

Woohoo! My Heart Tattoo Kit arrived today - it's awesome! I've already cracked it open and started laying out the transfer :)
Thank you sooooo much!!! xxx
Sway (aka Shann)