Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Still Loving Valentines on Pinterest

I'm not totally finished with Valentine's Day haha I want to make all these valentines and decorations! 
I just never have enough time! 
This is my Pinterest Board called Be Mine for Valentine's Day
(click on the image above to go to the board)
Now don't get confused - I'm not a valentine's day lover, like buy the cards, candy, etc. But I do love some handmade Valentines! My sister and her fellow made each other handmade gifts, she made the money cat for him and he made the illustration of the two of them for her! HOW stink'n cute are they!!?!! SO cute!
Go check out the Be Mine Pinterest Board! While your there you should see the Becky Carnival Wedding Board Olivia has been working on - she's THE best! Also check out Olivia and my crazy Blythe Boards - we're obsessed! Just look at our Blythe Blog! haha
Soon we will be posting your photos of your Valentine Craft Swap items! so if you haven't yet, email us your photos - :) 

Lastly! Sign up for the Oh Strumpets Loves You Giveaway! Now! :)

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Claire said...

I'm loving your carnival wedding board!
If I see anything you might like I'll tweet you!

Oh Strumpets! said...

Claire - will you!? That'd be awesome! :)