Monday, February 20, 2012

Oh Strumpets Valentine Craft Swap Awesomeness!

Hello Gang! 
Friday my Valentine from Claire arrived all the way from London - an orange, Mickey pillow! 
It couldn't be more perfect! For those of you who don't know I have a little fat puppy that is my world hahaha sounds crazy when I say it out loud! But he is! 
Claire from Dreams are Necessary just made my Valentines! I love it!
Plus she sent a super sweet card and a bunch of candy! 
Oh @clairey_lou it's so so perfect!!! Orange handmade Mickey pillow! I love it so much!! Eli is very stoked abt the candy!!  you're so sweet!!

Cat Lady Craft Swap Item
This is what I sent Claire! :) She's a cat lover - Sisco her cat to be exact! 
I love to embroider, but I don't very often! But I did for this special occasion! 
below is a photo of the back of it - I love the backs of all embroideries - mine are a mess haha! 
i love the backs of embroideries haha
I do love that Claire and I both sent each other animal gifts! 
Check out more of the amazing crafts here on the Oh Strumpets Craft Group!
We'll be blogging about more soon! You all did such a great job! 
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Sway said...

That meow embroidery is awesome, Becky!
What is book underneath in the back shot (wow - did that make sense?? hahaa)
Sway xx

With Love, Jamie said...

Very adorable, I love both! :)
My partner never sent me anything... :( :(

Kelly Hentschel said...

All very nice!! :D Love Hearts taste way better than our Sweet Hearts. I absolutely loved this craft swap - my first one. I made an amazing new internet friend. She made me this:

I adore it!

Sparklegirl said...

Your embroidery is great! I love it.

xo Jen

Marquesa Jen said...

Looks great, I would love to start doing some embroidery! I sent, but never heard from my partner and received nothing. Flip of the coin!