Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Hello February!

Hi gang! 
We are very excited about February! The Valentine Swap is still going on - we can't wait to see what you all have made! Remember to add your photos in the Oh Strumpets Craft Group on Flickr. A few of you have added photos and your crafts are just awesome!

-Today a very special friend of Oh Strumpets, the sweet a little strumpet Amber Cox from Hoot-n-Annie is having a birthday! Go give her lots of birthday love! :)

-Oh Strumpets will be doing a few craft fairs in the Tampa Bay area this February! Stay tuned!

-Oh last thing! We would like to send out Oh Strumpets Valentines just as a special We Love you!
So if you'd like to get one fill out this form ( here Subscribe to our newsletter) and you'll receive a Valentine on or before Feb. 14th!

-Signup to receive an Oh Strumpets' Valentine!
and if you'd like to sent us one the link has our address ;) we like valentines too! 
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M. said...

The mail address part isn't working. It's asking for a URL and won't let me submit.

Sway said...

Same for me :( Loving the V day cards idea though, so I will sign up as soon as you get it fixed :)

becky farley said...

M. and Sway - just use the signup widget :) I'm not sure why the link isn't working!

Velma said...

If we are already signed up for the newsletter are we already on the card list?