Friday, November 25, 2011

Pinterest Love

Both Olivia and I LOVE Pinterest! Here's my Pinterest boards and here's Olivia's boards
Here's a warning about Pinterest - you WILL get addicted haha! It's wonderful! Today I found this Holiday Straw Wreath and made it that minute! Here is the instructions! I just thought it was so cute and festive! And I thought you could "save" haha not steal, Starbucks straws, both large and small and make a cute green wreath with a big red ribbon! 
Let us know what you've been pinning! 
I pin for birthdays ideas, wedding ideas, crochet ideas, etc. Stoked to see your pins! :) 
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Sway said...

Thats so cute! Hmmm I'm thinking I may have to make an orange and black one for next Halloween too!

I love Pinterest - total addict! And I love that the links actually link back to the original poster/owner/shop etc. Here's mine if you want a look:
Sway xxxx

Deer Donna said...

cutest ever! i love it.