Thursday, November 10, 2011

Oh Strumpets - our first craft show!

Oh Stumpets
This past Sunday Olivia from OliveOh and I did our first craft show ever! We were both pretty nervous!
My friend Mo from the wonderful MityMoDesign told me about the Craft Show and I was stoked to join, but not without Olivia! Ha! I can't remember if I said, "wanna do the craft show with me" OR "ok we're doing this craft show together...." :) haha! Together Olivia and I made "Oh Strumpets!" Tada!
Olivia and my craft show table
Olivia made the cutest crocheted creatures! Everyone wanted a fat headed bear - they're the CUTEST!! Also a bunch of gals were super interested in learning to crochet the cupcakes! Olivia is teaching a class Nov. 26th at the lovely Rachel's shop, Eugenia Woods. I finally met Rachel over the weekend - she's so gorgeous and sweet! SO if you're in the Tampa Bay Area and wanna learn to crochet go sign up for the class here!
Ok where was I?! The Craft Show! It was just so fun! The nervousness went away and we had the best time! It was a small craft show, but perfect for two beginners! The whole Farley gang came out to say hi and make my day! Eli tried to steal our business haha ;) It was just a ton of fun!
1. Olivia's adorable crocheted cupcakes - sign up for her crochet class here! 2. Jennifer and her hubby Jacob had the most awesome table EVER! Those two are gonna have some crafty, clever kids! 3. Eli, being so precious! 4. Charlie and Daniel came by to give their support so we gave them buttons! I have such awesome buds! And a huge thank you to my family for coming out and being so sweet!
It was a very awesome day and we're ready for another craft show soon!!!
I'd love to hear your craft show stories!!
We sold a bunch of stuff - more than I thought we would haha! I will be having an etsy update tomorrow - pretty excited about that! :) Have an awesome week!

Also I'm thinking we need an Oh Strumpets! Holiday Craft Swap - what do you think!!?!?!
I'd love to hear your ideas and if you'd be interested!

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