Monday, November 28, 2011


We have a couple Totoros back in stock and Free Shipping for cyber Monday.  Just enter the code: CYBER MONDAY when you check out.

Click here to take you to the store
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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Have you started shopping?

Were you one of the brave ones to venture out on Friday to snag some sweet deals?  
I think working in retail for so many years has tainted the day after Thanksgiving shopping experience for me plus this year I am trying to shop handmade, local, and/or small businesses.
If you're in the market for some cute gifts swing by OhStrumpets new stuff is being added daily.

In other news we have a Facebook page now, you can find it here:

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Friday, November 25, 2011

Pinterest Love

Both Olivia and I LOVE Pinterest! Here's my Pinterest boards and here's Olivia's boards
Here's a warning about Pinterest - you WILL get addicted haha! It's wonderful! Today I found this Holiday Straw Wreath and made it that minute! Here is the instructions! I just thought it was so cute and festive! And I thought you could "save" haha not steal, Starbucks straws, both large and small and make a cute green wreath with a big red ribbon! 
Let us know what you've been pinning! 
I pin for birthdays ideas, wedding ideas, crochet ideas, etc. Stoked to see your pins! :) 
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Oh Strumpets! Black Friday Free Shipping

Just enter code SHOPHANDMADE when you're checking out
today when you shop Oh Strumpets
Hope you have a very wonderful Friday (not at the mall)! 
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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Holizaar Four Craft Fair Dec. 3rd

Oh Happy Thanksgiving gang! 
Wanted to let you know Olivia and I will be at the Holizaar Four Craft Show Dec 3rd in St. Petersburg, FL. It's a little over a week away, so mark it in your calendars! 
We're so stoked about it!
Hope to see you there! :) 
Oh and don't forget to sign up for the Oh Strumpets Holiday Giveaway!
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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Oh Strumpet Holiday Giveaway!

Oh Strumpets Holiday Giveaway
 Sign up to win everything you see in the photo above: 1 super soft cream color cowl, 1 bitty crocheted bear, a pack of Elf'n around holiday greeting cards, 1 Boyfriend (at the moment) name here heart tattoo pillow, Strumpet notes, buttons, stickers, tape, and super cute picks. SO MUCH! 
AND if you have a blog we will give you FREE ad space on this blog til the new year! Wootwoot! (and if you don't have a blog well then you still get all this awesome handmade stuff! 

There will be 1 winner! Here are the rules:
You must follow this blog Oh Strumpets! via google friend connect (see side bar)------->
Leave your name and a way to contact you in the comments!
And here are more chance to win (ps anyone, anywhere can enter)
1. in the comments tell us your favorite holiday activity  
2. post this on your blog!! :) 
3. tweeeeeeeter about the Oh Strumpets! Holiday Giveaway!

 @Strumpetcrafts @OlivePlusOh so we know ;)
4. Add our button to your blog!
Leave a comment for each entry (easiest way for me to keep track)!

We will pick the winner in 2 weeks on Dec 6th!
Ready, set.....go!

Oh Strumpets holiday giveaway bear made by Oliveoh

Oh Strumpets Giveaway Elf Cards

Oh Strumpets Giveaway Detail
Good Luck! :)
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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Oh Strumpets Custom Tattoo Heart Pillows!

Get, set, go! 
The Holidays are coming up! We are now taking orders for our Oh Strumpets Custom Tattoo Heart Pillows! So hurry hurry! Get one for your true love or for your whole love gang! 
Oh Strumpets Custom Tattoo Heart Pillows
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We love Oh Strumpets' customers!

Caitlin or you may know her as TinyBones recieved her Oh Strumpets! package in the mail this week and shared this photo with Olivia and I! So happy she's stoked! She purchased both the MOM and DADDYO tattoo heart pillows and the extra adorable crocheted Totoro!  Yay for handmade Christmas shopping! 
You should go check out Caitlin's vintage esty shop Sweet Jane Vintage! You'll love it! 
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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

DIY Hand Painted Jars

Hand Painting Glass Jars
I am a huge fan of Ball Mason Jars! Now the older vintage ones were blue glass and they are my most favorite! BUT if you go take a peek at the prices for them on ebay, they are tough to love because they cost SO much! I have a perfect solution! Paint your own blue ball mason jars! 
DIY Mason Jar painting
You can buy 12 large mason jar at your local grocery store for the cost of 1 vintage jar on ebay ($8 to $11). Plus you can buy the jars in all different sizes and paint them any color you like! I have used them for birthday party center pieces, storing buttons, cotton balls in the bathroom, or anywhere around the house that needs a little brighting up!
I used Pebeo Vitrea 160 glass paint and Pebeo paint thinner.  I like the traditional blue mason jars, so I used the turquoise paint. You can find these at your local craft store for $3 each. Plus a $.35 cent sponge brush for applying the paint.
You won't use much of this paint, even if you paint all 12 jars! Use about 2 quarter size drops of your paint, then add half as much paint thinner. Mix them together with your sponge brush. 
 Apply a thin layer of paint to the jar. I put my hand inside the jar to get all sides evenly. Now if you want your jars more blue just add less paint thinner. Now you are going to have to let them sit for 24 hours.
After they sit for 24 hours place the jars on a cookie sheet and bake for 40 mins at 325 degrees. If you see streaks in the jars before they go into the oven, no worries the heat will help with that!

Now these jars ARE dishwasher safe! Use them in your craft rooms to store buttons, ribbons, and other loose craft items. I think they'd make great holiday center pieces! If you do this project take some photos and let us see em! We'll post your photos on Oh Strumpets for everyone to see! :)
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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Holiday ornaments

We have had a white tree for the past five years but decided on a real one for this year.  I started thinking about how I wanted to decorate it and whipped up some of these mushrrom ornaments which will find their home on our tree.  And of course there will some listed in the shop for anyone that is interested.

After the holidays are over my mushrooms are going to join totoro and decorate my window.  I am thinking about making some acorns and leaves to create a woodland garland to fill in the space.

How are you decorating for the holidays?
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Monday, November 14, 2011

Oh Strumpets is open!

Last weekend Olivia and I were in a craft fair together and this week we........
 joined up to create Oh Strumpets! We are taking baby steps (we both work full time jobs and have full time families) but it's really coming together! We are adding more daily! Go check it out and let us know what you think! :) We are very excited about this new venture - we hope you are too! :) 
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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Oh Strumpets - our first craft show!

Oh Stumpets
This past Sunday Olivia from OliveOh and I did our first craft show ever! We were both pretty nervous!
My friend Mo from the wonderful MityMoDesign told me about the Craft Show and I was stoked to join, but not without Olivia! Ha! I can't remember if I said, "wanna do the craft show with me" OR "ok we're doing this craft show together...." :) haha! Together Olivia and I made "Oh Strumpets!" Tada!
Olivia and my craft show table
Olivia made the cutest crocheted creatures! Everyone wanted a fat headed bear - they're the CUTEST!! Also a bunch of gals were super interested in learning to crochet the cupcakes! Olivia is teaching a class Nov. 26th at the lovely Rachel's shop, Eugenia Woods. I finally met Rachel over the weekend - she's so gorgeous and sweet! SO if you're in the Tampa Bay Area and wanna learn to crochet go sign up for the class here!
Ok where was I?! The Craft Show! It was just so fun! The nervousness went away and we had the best time! It was a small craft show, but perfect for two beginners! The whole Farley gang came out to say hi and make my day! Eli tried to steal our business haha ;) It was just a ton of fun!
1. Olivia's adorable crocheted cupcakes - sign up for her crochet class here! 2. Jennifer and her hubby Jacob had the most awesome table EVER! Those two are gonna have some crafty, clever kids! 3. Eli, being so precious! 4. Charlie and Daniel came by to give their support so we gave them buttons! I have such awesome buds! And a huge thank you to my family for coming out and being so sweet!
It was a very awesome day and we're ready for another craft show soon!!!
I'd love to hear your craft show stories!!
We sold a bunch of stuff - more than I thought we would haha! I will be having an etsy update tomorrow - pretty excited about that! :) Have an awesome week!

Also I'm thinking we need an Oh Strumpets! Holiday Craft Swap - what do you think!!?!?!
I'd love to hear your ideas and if you'd be interested!

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